Sunday, February 28, 2010

Eat that, America :)


After heckling Americans for the past week and a bit I finally could take a deep breath tonight when finalllllly, after 67 minutes and 40 seconds of tense play time, our Nova Scotian homeboy, Sidney Crosby, scored the game winning goal in the Canada vs. USA gold medal game.
I have to say. Though I hate being cold, and I'd really rather be living somewhere that has sun and sand, I am PROUD TO BE A CANADIAN.
Its cool to be a part of a country that has so many skilled athletes and that holds onto its integrity even in the tough times (as in not taking head shots with our hockey sticks and hitting people from behind and after the whistle.)

The girls and I went to Hunters (our regular spot) which was pretty full and met some interesting characters.... like this one chick who was wrapped in a giant Canada flag... or the group behind us. We were all laughing pretty hard at the comments that were being hollered out.

Through the game my little thumbs were busy texting the play-by-play to Ecuador, and sending support to my favorite Canadian in Texas(who was strong through it all and cheered on our Country even though he was being harassed by all his friends there).

I almost missed the game actually :( I had a nap and didnt wake up until 2o minutes into the first period, at which point I panicked and raced to meet the girls. I had 7 missed calls and 19 text messages from them. I'm glad that I woke up when I did!

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