Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Spanked with a hairbrush?

Yes. read it right. Today in clinical I was indeed spanked on my hiney with a hairbrush.
I was bending over making a bed and all of a sudden I felt a serious little smack on my bum!! It didnt even hurt so much as it surprised me. And then the room erupted into hysterical laughter.
What a surprise that was.

Other events from this week: we started at a new clinical location.
At the old place(BGH) the building was divided into three different units, each unit with four corridors all going out from one centre common area. Each corridor had 12 residents(44 per unit), requiring anything from assistance with some cuing(but self ambulatory for the most part and able to feed self)- there were very few of these, to total care(requiring a ceiling lift and unable to communicate or feed self)- the majority. There were 5 LPN students and 8 regular staff plus a bath person to provide care for all these people. Hectic would be a tame word. :).
The new place(PEH) is one hallway with 12 residents,7 LPN students, 3 staff plus a med nurse who helps out too.
Talk about a change in pace. Its really different. Our floor on PEH is convalescent care, with 4 long term residents on it, so most of the people are only there for a while as they recover from an injury or surgery, and until they are able to return home or to move into a LTC facility somewhere on the Island.
The majority of people there are able to do most of their own cares, maybe requiring assistance with some things, like changing from a bed-bag to a leg-bag(catheters) or putting a new appliance on(ostomies, more specifically a colostomy) to doing their excercises that will eventually bring their level of strength up to one where they can sustain themselves. There are a few dressings to do too though.
I am finding myself looking for things to do at PEH, but I'm learning that if you look hard enough, you'll always find something. Like blood sugar testing- I like the challenge of convincing someone to let me do it when they're refusing :).
I miss BGH and it's busyness, but I'm sure PEH will grow on me in time!
** shout out to Auntie Ann!! HI! Im pleasantly surprised to find that you read this!!

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