Monday, September 21, 2009

Tomorrow is a new season.
"autumnal equinox" as some would call it.
For the rest of us, just "Fall".

Theres no denying that this past summer has been a season of change in my life.
A lot has happened. Some things happened that made me stronger. There were lessons that I learned the hard way, while other things challenged and changed who I am. Some changes are ones that I will embrace, others are ones that I don't welcome at all. And while still yet there are other changes that are still in the works.

My mind and heart have worked through a lot. I sometimes feel like I've been hardened. Thats a change that I don't like. There is a whole lot that remains to be processed.

The past month has been close to, if not THE most challenging one I've ever experienced. I started a new life in many ways! A new city and along with that a new routine, new friends. New responsibilities and goals. I'm a "grown up" now. ha. :) But its true, its all different. I'm so different.

I can safely say that in many ways I'm not at all the same person that I was 6 months ago. But there are some parts of me stay the same, sin cambio.

This is the turn of a season. Goodbye to the old. Hello to the new. I'm leavin' it all behind.


Briggins said...

697 h33e 59 t35 q dqj34q e3q4!

Christiane said...

I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad!! :D

Love you.