Wednesday, October 14, 2009

** This entry may contain nudity which might offend some viewers. View discrecion is advised.

Today I was feeling lonely, so I decided that I would go purchase a friend.

Meet Ken. What a babe.

Ok... the truth is that as much of a hunk as Ken may be, I needed him not for friendship, but to study for Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) and Health assessment. Call it using or abusing or exploiting, whatever. I'm doing it.

Right now in Health assessment, and to some extent in A&P, we're going through all sorts of systems. Integumentary system, respiratory system, lymphatic system, I think you get it. We're learning how they work and how to know where to find pulses, how to palpate for them, where to hear heart sounds, and where lymph nodes are and where and how to feel them too!
All sorts of incredibly interesting and useful things.

This is where Ken comes into play. I decided to save him from a life of little girls putting clothes on him and forcing him on endless dates with a girl that looks like she's going through extensive liposuction and plastic surgery, and to use him to help me learn where everything is!

Navy- Pulses
Red- Positions for Cardiac Auscltation(listening to the heart)
Green- Palpable lymph nodes.

As we learn more I'll add more on... I think he's turning out great! (he actually looks really cool with everything marked on.. but I might just think that because its helping me to see and remember things which I otherwise would have to look up in the book everytime I wanted it.

** side note. there were flakes falling from the sky today. its way too early for that kind of precipitation!


Ian said...

That is weird!

Christiane said...

Jules, you are fabulous - that is such a fabulous idea... wish I had a Ken doll... did you think of that or was it suggested to you? Way to go, either way ;) Love you. Thanks for making me laugh today. xoxo

Jenn said...

More like Anatomy Al.