Monday, September 14, 2009

Charlottetown: Birthplace of Confederation

Did you know that Charlottetown is named after Queen Charlotte, wife of George III (England) and became the capital of PEI in 1765?!

Its true.

I cant believe that a week has passed since I moved here. Its been a busy week, filled with different emotions and small lessons.
It is certainly different living here rather than NS. And of course that is to be expected. This is the first time that I've moved somewhere and am living on my own, rather than with someone else.
Sometimes its a little bit lonely, I especially feel that when I'm eating supper on my own. But other times its nice!! I only ever have my own things to clean up after (except for days like today when people are fixing things in my apartment and there is drywall dust all over my floor when I come home).

Classes started last wednesday, readings started the next day! (4 chapters= 71 pages on the first night). They're not wasting any time, thats for sure. But its good because then I can be busy get a routine established quickly.

I've also been making my place cozy. I WISH I had a camera so that I could take some pictures of this place to put up. I'll have to save my shoppers points :).
This past weekend my Mom, Alli, and Grandparents were here to visit me. It was so nice to see G&G after 2 years. They came bearing gifts :) and groceries :):). Art came in the form of a wicked charcoal nudie drawing (THANKYOU JFRIZZ!!) which I love love love; and in the form of Alli painting beauty flowers.
With the help of Josh and an electric drill I finally have curtains up! No more peep shows for you, Neighbors. sorry. They make it homey, and we came out of it with only 2 extra holes in the wall. :)
I've explored a little and experienced some Looneys outside my house. I've burned myself and cooked only 2 real meals, I'm working on making friends, and I'm currently experiencing my first ailment in the new place- just a cold, nothing serious.

a quick shout out to the creators of Skype. those guys are THE BOMB. seriously.

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