Sunday, September 06, 2009

Farewell to Nova Scotia

After living the majority of the past 21 years in Halifax (with a couple summers at camp, another in Alberta, and a few months in Ecuador), a change is about to occur. Tomorrow morning I am moving to PEI.
I'll be honest, as I'm sitting here in my quiet kitchen that I have spent so much time in over the past 21 years, with all the lights off except for one, my eyes are a little bit watery.

I dont love change. I find it really hard. And I'm about to make a big change. A new city. New friends. New routine. New apartment, and new responsibilities.

People keep asking me if I'm excited. I would have to answer no to that question at this point. I am excited about a couple of things- like decorating my place and making it my own home- but generally I am not.
I am scared.
Scared that I'll be immensely lonely. Scared that I will find my program too hard. Scared that life here is going to move on and leave me behind.

I'm sure these tears arent the last ones that will be shed during this whole transition period. I'm feeling small and weak and incapable tonight.
hopefully all of these insecurities will pass once I get moved over.

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