Monday, August 24, 2009

And there it was, Gone.

Time flies!

Its hard to believe that it's already the last week of August. The trees have faded a little bit, some are even losing a few of their leaves, the hay fields are golden, and I'm nearly 21. It seems just a short while ago I was having my "turning 20" crisis.

Classes on the Island start in 2 weeks, and I move in less than that!
I was accepted into the Practical Nursing program FINALLY, and now am scrambling to do all sorts of the planning and organizing that goes along with going into a new program and moving to a different province!
Thank the Lord for good and supportive friends, both here and there.
After lots of searching online and emails back and forth with different people, and a whirlwind trip to, I managed to find a tiny little apartment to rent for the upcoming year. Its on the top floor of what was once a single family dwelling. Its cute a cute blue with yellow trim. Cheerful! There is a balcony out on the deck which will be great in the fall and spring, and I'm excited to make it my own.

In other news, I have agreed to train for and run the PEI half marathon with my friend Hannah! It should be fun. And challenging, but thats ok! Her house is less than a 10 minute walk from mine so I'm sure we'll be spending loads of time together with sore muscles and piles of homework. cant wait.

kitchen and bathroom. its teeny, I know.

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Ian said...

Congrats on the apartment. I signed up for the PEI Half-Marathon a couple of weeks ago - my favourite race of the year. Your new house is just a couple of blocks away from the start/finish of the race so you can train on the course.