Saturday, August 08, 2009

Hey DAN!! (hey what??!) INTRODUCE YOURSELF! (no way!) INTRODUCE YOURSELF!! (OK!)

1 2 3 4 5, my name's Dan and I say "Hi!"......

Ok. so heres how the story of my "boyfriend Dan or Don" goes.

It all starts 3 years ago in front of the Dal SUB. What a sunny day it was, and Jill McEvoy and I were walking to go have our lunch together when we spotted this guy with these great pecs. we both noticed them/him, so dont just make fun of me. We were totally like 12 year old girls and checked him out. Then, just as quickly as he appeared, he was gone. He had reddish brown hair and freckles.

For the next couple of months I kept spotting him around campus, and my dear friend (who will remain unnamed) saw him everywhere too!!
And then one day I was on facebook (back when it was just for university students), and I was scoping out this group and who's face pops up, but HIM! His name was Dan.

So now my nameless friend and I had a name to call this boy when we saw him. The sightings were frequent, and glorious, and became a HUGE joke because we both would get so excited when we saw him that it was rediculous. We even had a couple classes with him.

Over the years the joke has continued, and still whenever we see him we immediately call one another (or as soon as we can). Jenni got in on the Dan love too.
it was reported to me that Dan-sightings had ceased on the Dal campus, and the theory was that he didnt really exist, but instead was a state of mind(that only I could achieve, apparently).

One day this past May, Jenni and I were in the mall and were on the escalator and I got SO excited because I thought that I saw Dan leaving the mall. Unfortunately I was disappointed to find that it wasnt him, but someone who looked like him from behind. So we carried on our way, across the street to WalMart. So we're talking and walking through Wally's and this person passed me and I turned to double glance them and WHOIS WALKING 5 FEET BEHIND ME????!! You got it. Dan R. Ask Jenni. I did an ACTUAL double glance. turned beet red. started to laugh and hissed madly to her "JENNI!!! Dan is RIGHT behind us".
It was so bad that I had to turn down an aisle immediately because I was cracking up.
So. we continued our shopping and ran almost right into Dan not once, not twice, but 3 times!

That night I called the third party of the Dan crush to tell them Alllll about it, perhaps it was the giggles or the part where his name was said over and over that helped my Dad to somehow get the idea that I was dating him..

""Julia may have a boyfriend (Don or Dan) and is beside herself." freeman

Just for the record, do not have a boyfriend named Dan or Don.

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