Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Schoooools out for the summerrrr

Today Sam and I were doing a morning walk through a neighborhood here in H-town, and when we rounded a corner, to my surprise, we were greeted by music being played out across a soccer field, and the sight of 100 miniature humans(commonly known as children) hopping in burlap sacks, waving a giant parachute in the air, running obstacle courses, and doing various relays!

OF COURSE! I thought to myself. Its a field day!!!
One knows they're getting old when they forget that not only do field days exist, but they are what a child lives for in the last few days and weeks of school before summer vacation. The chance to go outside, to get away from the stuffy classroom, away from the books and the whiteboards and the threat of homework. The excitement of playing with every other kid in school out in the sunshine (of course, because we all know that field days dont happen in the rain!).

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