Wednesday, July 08, 2009

If it happens in the sky, Cindy Day...

... has obviously predicted the exact opposite.

Sorry Cindy, I've always been more of a Peter Coade girl.

After nearly 2 weeks of overcast skies, thick fog, and rain, I am beyond ready to open up my eyes and see the sun.

My tan has faded, my hair is losing its summer-blonde streaks, and the humidity around here is making all my clothes feel damp even if they should be dry and my normally fairly straight hair turn curly. As a radio personality said last night, this is a great April we're having here in July. I think that sums it up quite nicely, actually!

The upside of this weather is that its been great for running in!! With my three amigos away at camp this summer, I've had loads of time to hit the pavement to fit in some exercise. I went for a run the other day and by the end of it I was so sticky that jumping in the lake was a great finale!

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