Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm missing my friends and life in Guayaquil a lot tonight.

I miss sitting out by my house with a cup of tea as the sun set and watching all the different vehicles- trucks, motos, cars, 3-wheeled creatures- driving by. I miss waking up early every day to go to school to teach all the miniatures. I miss hanging out at youth group and I miss dinner with Heather in the back yard, even though we were paranoid about ENORMOUS rats getting us, or lagartillas falling on our heads.
I miss laying in the hammock in the living room and realizing that the Vinces boys are outside the house, not saying anything, just waiting for me to realize it.

I miss arguing with Mauro. Not really. but I miss that guy- his showing up right when I was in the middle of something, and his sitting and watching. we had some really good convos sometimes and i miss them.

My heart is aching a bit.

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