Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Peggys Cove: February (trip no.2)

Christiane and Julia!

The waves were huge. Enough said.

I dont think I've ever laughed so much while at Peggys Cove. There was actually no way that the waves could hit us, just their spray, but it was so funny. As Chris's face may or may not suggest:with the waves bigger than big, and the sun shining brightly, it made for a beautiful afternoon.

I think that since words really cant capture the event, I'll just put pictures... even though they dont do it any justice at all either!

"... huge these waves actually are."

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Christiane said...

Ok, so this was BY FAR my best experience at Peggy's in my whole life... unbelievable waves... amazing sunshine... awesome sound... gut laughing... GOOD time :) Thanks for posting Jules... especially our near-death (not quite but we were worried there for moment) wave soaking! I think I'll laugh forever when I watch it! :) hahahahahahaha Peggy and her fan club sure are going to miss you when your gone to Ecuador :)
Love ya.