Monday, February 25, 2008

the count down is ON!

...days until departure

Every day is a blur of thoughts, emotions, and sometimes some action. I have been trying to pack a little bit, but since Alli is in England, not here to motivate me or keep me company while I do it, I have an attention span of like 7 minutes when it comes to packing. Usually she sits on my bed and we listen to music of talk while I do it.

6 days is going to fly. I have no idea what I should or should not take. Which is ridiculous seeing as how it should not be that hard. Its funny how ones brain shuts down RIGHT when it is really needed.

Also, my mom and dad keep talking about how they're going to miss me. Its killing me. 3 months is not really that long at all.

There are a lot of thoughts in my head wanting out... I ran today and that was good because though they didnt leave my head, it felt good to pound it out. It was BEAUTIFUL out... sunny and above 0°cc. :) Its hard to believe that in less than a week I'll be in 4°c weather! WHAT A JUMP!

Lunch date tomorrow. Cant wait. it should be good, since I love my friends and good food!
.so soon.

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Tim said...

Hey J, I'm going to be heading down to the Dominican Republic with my church on the 9th. I'm excited to experience a tropical climate. We got an ambulance for the doctor that we support (you might have seen it on the news). I'm going to take lots of pics and write a blog when I get back.