Monday, September 17, 2007

Quotes of the summer

When there are 800 different kids running around a camp property across the span of 8 weeks, some hilarious quotes are inevitable.... here are some that really stood out from MBC 2007!

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"Awthuhhhhhh, youwah supposed to be gawding the pywonnnnn!!" -Micah, 3-5 (RPSdynamite)

"wyan...Wyan...WYAN!!!'s a hwrmitcwab gwaveyawrd" -Micah

"Micah's suwve, stwong and powahfuw!!" -Micah (re: volleyball)

"Boy, she doesn't mess around when she breaks wind!" -Marie, 3-5 (re: a staff member's fart)

" Hey guys!! If you scrunch it all up and shove it in the bottom of the pillowcase, it hurts WAY more!" - Darby, 3-5 (on how to win a pillow fight)

"So I saddle up my horse and I ride into the ci-ty,
I make a lot of noise 'cause the girls they are so pret-tyyy..." - Mitch, 3-5

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Anonymous said...

kids say the darndest things. and its too true that jenni doesnt mess around.


Jenn said...

Hey Hey, you don't have to mention names!!