Tuesday, September 25, 2007

it's about time!

Peggys Cove calls to me. It's about time I made a trip, I say. Maybe next week I'll make a trek out. Pics will be posted when it happens.

Other than missing Peggys cove, not a whole lot is going on in my life.. I've sold my soul to the babysitting world. 5 nights this week will be spent caring for other peoples' children. I have to pay for this money-sucker called university some how!!


Jenn said...

Do i even have to say that i want to come when you go. Well now it's been said. and that i love you. p.s I've seen you everyday for 10 days. I better see you tomorrow or it'll break this trend.

Christiane said...

dude... what would you say to a trip to Peggy's with PAUL TAN next weekend?? Jenni can come too ;) It's not for sure be he says he's "seriously thinking about coming", and then something about pendulous something or others... haha! Anyway... I'll keep you posted :D I hope you are enjoying life and getting Monday nights off ;) Miss ya dude!!


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