Monday, September 17, 2007

i know, this ones a cop-out

I'm slacking on blogs... I know.
I"m having a hard time being motivated to write. So much happened this summer and I dont really know how to sum it all up, plus I dont have my pics scanned onto the computer to post with yet. When that happens I'll post about them.

Jenni, on the other hand, is doing a fabulous job posting these days..... everything that I do thats interesting, I do with her (except for sleepovers with Christiane and a whole lot of babysitting that I'm doing for a couple of awesome kids) and she has posted about!!
so check out Jenni's blog for her great updates. Ryan and Briggie have also been blogging a lot about camp.

Classes so far are going really well. I like them all. I get to see people I know every single day- Biology: Jenni, Briggs, Dan McE., Chris, Burtie, and Dan R. :), and a bunch of QE people. Anatomy: Jenni.
and though I dont know anyone really in CWR: Islam, I really really like it, and am glad that I got in!

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Tim said...

Haha, that's cool. I still check yours. I mostly just blog for myself as a creative outlet. Although I don't do much rambling these days.

Take it easy.