Thursday, August 09, 2007


Once upon a time Jenni was reading over my shoulder and it made me awkward.

The date today is Thursday, August 9, 2007

This summer has gone SO fast... it is most incredible. Last week was family camp and my family (he he he.... FAMILY at FAMILY camp...- Oh geez, over tired, anyone???!) was here because my mom and dad were directing. It was nice to be able to talk to my mom because it's been a while since I was able to talk to that lady whenever I wanted. It was refreshing.
Because there were SO many people at the camp (28 familys, resulting in 'hundreds' of people taking part in the program) all of the staff were ousted from the loft. The guys ended up being so kind and sleeping in two 10-person tents, while the girls were sleeping like queens up at B&E's house.
On account of there were not enough beds for all of us to have our own (there are 4 beds and 8 girl staff) we shared. Jenni and I were sleeping buddies for the WHOLE week!! It was fun because every night we would lay there FULLY exhausted and ask eachother quesitons...
an example of these questions would be: In what order would you marry the guy staff?? First to last, please. The male staff include: Briggins, Ryan, Jordo, Chris, James, and Luke. Another question would be what is your favorite camp breakfast. It was funny because we would start out answering the questions really quickly and be the end we'd be answering sooooo slowly. Now that we're back in cabins and I miss her a lot. I heart you Jenni. "How are you doing??"

Ok, I'm running out of time here.... Also last week we had an awesome treasure hunt made for us (the girls) by the one and only Briggsie. At the end of the treasure hunt there were invitations for the girls to a formal evening where "friends become soul mates". It was super fun, and the special evening is this upcoming weekend.

Today it is super stormy. everyone is in the lounge playing indoor games. I love storms. This is a very scatter brainy update.

This part is for JOSH.
He's a great encourager and does the coolest encouragement things ever.
Thanks mc Jo-Jo claus. You're a great program director.

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Jenn said...

Julia, how are you doing? * Head tilt and concerned look on face* Hahaha, oh how i miss our talks, it wasso good, and i loved getting "something" shoved in my face each night so that i could fall in love with the smell. Haha

Tonight is the night of our date. The boys are in Taddie right now picking up stuff for it, i'm excited! Love you jules! I will so miss you in two weeks!