Thursday, August 30, 2007

the thirtieth day of the month of august.

Okay, Okay, I recognize that really I have been doing a horrible job of posting lately(especially compared to the other MBC staff-bloggers), but to be honest, I'm having a really hard time processing everything that has happened in my life over the past 2 months. I'm also waiting to get a whole truck-load of pictured developed, so once I have them maybe I'll be motivated, by the memories that they trigger, to share.

I just spent a week in PEI and Ingonish, CB. It was really weird to not have my days completely planned out for me, and not to really have any responsibilities.

I also had my 19th birthday on Monday. It was uneventful as we drove from PEI to Cape Breton, about 7 hours, but all in all it was a good day.


Christiane said...

awe...that is a happy picture of balloons :) Happy Birthday my love :)

Leah said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jules!!!!