Thursday, May 17, 2007

hi. two things :

1. I am a bad blogger. I was told that several times in the past few days, but ya know what?? thats ok with me. because really I have nothing to blog about (because my life is JUST that exciting:) ). So keep your socks on folks. you're not missing anything.

2. This weekend is volunteer staff training at camp! yeeeee. I am nervous and excited. I just found out that I'm in charge of training the kitchen people... hehe. I get to show them all the ropes and where things are.
Here's a random question... but I'm curious to see the answers:
Who can tell me I might find
- spatulas
- sugar, flour, measuring cups
- baskets
- slop buckets
-my favorite Pepsi apron

Unfortunatly Betty wont be there. She's my favorite kitchen person to work around. There's nothing like the little bum pats that she does when she walks by.

Annnywho. I'm driving up tomorrow afternoon with my litttttle family. brigs, jacob, and the other children in my actual family.
should be fun!


Jenn said...

Oh my goodness!! i miss those bum pats!!
Trays - i think it's number 1 cupboard
Spatulas - the unmarked drawer, or it's number two
measuring cups - 13
sugar & flour - i forget the number but it's right be side the mixer.
baskets - cupboard beside where you get the aprons.
Slop buckets 19
Aprons - the bottom drawer beside the grill.

Cool, i like those kind of questions, we're pros. Now i want to go and see if i got them right.

julia said...

gooood work Jenni.
I dont actually know the numbers at all. I dont think. Only cupboard 2 and drawer 26.
oh what a great prize you won.

Jenn said...

It's what i've always wanted!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, let me just say that I do not find that you are a bad blogger and whoever told you that is nuts.

I happen to like your blog. Its nice to see someone else on here from Canada lol. I'll be in NS in august visiting my sister.

Keep up the good work on your blog hun