Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Camp Memory- FLAMING DEATH: Andy Leiper feat. Jarvis Lepper

"FLAMING DEATH - that is all I have to say

For those of you who were not staff in the summer of 2002, I will elaborate. One weekend evening nearing the middle of the summer, the staff was thinking of something fun we could do to impress the campers the following week. Well Jarvis Lepper always has ideas. It was called “flaming death”, he saw it on a television show.

An hour later having not seeing Jarvis we hear him out in the grassy area between the Tuck Shop and the Lodge calling for us. He has a contraption made of intrically woven together cardboard connected to a long string which he is holding the other end of. He gathers us together and tells us that this contraption will mimic the sound of jets flying over head, but he has to light it on fire in order to do so. Jeremy does not look impressed. We stand back and he lights it up. Jarvis looking like a mad man starts spinning in circles holding this string and the flaming death starts to fly.

I think Jarvis forgot that cardboard actually burns. In a matter of minutes, the air is filled with flying pieces of burning cardboard and grass begins to catch on fire, and Jarvis is still spinning like a mad man. Paul, Jeremy and myself, are trying to stomp out the grass, one area actually needing an upside down picnic table to stop the flames. What an evening, safe to say it did not happen the next week."

I hope that y'all laughed as hard as I did at this. I almost cried. I think that Jarvo is so so funny, and the mental picture that goes with the story is awesomeeee. Thankyou Andy for posting this (It was on facebook- oooooooh facebook)


Briggins said...

favourite line:
"he saw it on a television show"

Anonymous said...

Well finally an update! That's a pretty crazy story. I guess the show Jarvis saw it on didn't have a "don't try this at home" warning? :)

Jenn said...

Man, i can't wait to have crazy memories like that from this summer. The people in the malagash facebook group is amazing!