Friday, April 27, 2007

PB Cheese and jam sandwiches, lighthouses, chaulk, and burnt chicken

Peggys Cove. April 2007: trip buddy: Jeff

The warm weather is FINALLY coming our direction. Thank goodness.

On monday Jeff and I went out for my april trip to peggys cove.
It was my first time that the sun was actually warm and the lack of wind made it so that it was the first time that I didn't regret not wearing 18 layers of clothes!

Have you all tried the challange where you try to eat as many soda crackers (without water to wash 'em down) as you can in a minute? I can now say that I have. And I didn't really get at all close to fitting in the highest possible number of crackers as possible. (I think that it's either 6 or 8). I got 4. You should all try it, though I will warn you that those babies are DRY!

We later tested out what pb, jam and cheese sandwiches taste like. I think it's wierd.
We decorated the rocks infront of my house later I stuck to doing pretty swirls and stars, while the art student decided to go all out with shading and faces and the tricky stuff.
It turned out pretty cool, eh?!

Later in the day my family had a man from Columbia to our home for dinner.

Unfortunatly mom made me bbq the chicken while she was going to pick him up.....
It was my first time bbqing ever. Lets just say that it didn't turn out so well.

Apart from the few pieces of charcoal that were served, the evening was really fun, not to mention halarious.
I love language barriers... and seeing how people get around them.
Luis (the man) was a jacobgreenslade-dramatic. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

Laughter, I decided recently, is one of the great things in this life.


Briggins said...

Peanut Butter, Jam, and Cheese makes me want to puke. Just jam and butter makes me gag.

Cool rocks. Good thing you always play chalk with artsy people.

beth said...

peanut butter, jam and cheese samwiches are THE BEST!! i am defintally the person who invented them. im sadden that you guys didnt enjoy them tho! :( i dont think i could eat a samwich without cheese.
enjoy your start of the summer julia, see you in the summer !:)

Briggins said...

beth you are sick

katie said...

Speaking of laughter, I totally had a burst of it come out when I saw the picture of the chicken. This is my favourite of your blog entries so far.

plethoras said...

Its been over a week since your last update, so now we're coming for you!

julia said...

Plethoras, you dont scare me.