Monday, May 21, 2007

training weekend update... victoria day weekend, 2007

Before I say anything else, I would like to announce that I FINALLY saw a bear on my way to camp. I have been looking for one for actually about 7 years, and didn't succeed until this year.
The picture is pretty tiny because it was actually pretty far away, but it doesn't matter!! I saw it.

Isnt' it cool that despite horrible weather and fairly tight quarters, we can still have an awesome time when we are in good company? I would have to say YES.

The volunteer training weekend for malagash was this past friday, saturday and sunday. There were only about 30 of us up there in total even though there are 50 volunteers up there this summer, but it still was great. Josh (the staff director for summer 2007) did a great job of running games and making sure that all the volunteers knew what is covered in their job descriptions.

We also did worship (lead by Anna and myself- with assistance from James, Arthur and Alli)... it needs a little work.... and some serious prayer and prep time.... we dont have a guitar player for the summer, and only one male lead... but the LORD will provide in the end.
It was really fun to get to see some of the people that I'll be spending my whole summer with, and to get to know some of the others that will be up as campers and volunteers for a couple of weeks.

I drove up to camp with a full van load- passengers included: Jacob, Alli, Emily, Nathan and Briggins. It was an eventful drive full of laughs as Jacob practiced his dinner theatre lines in a halarious french accent.

Leading up to the weekend I was pretty nervous and unconfident about the whole summer, but now that the training weekend is over I am feeling a lot better, and even pretty excited. YEEEE.


Christiane said...

AWE!!! the Anchor picture made me sigh bigtime!! I can't wait to come HOME!!! :D

Janna said...

that picture caught me off guard too, big time. how sweet it is. and very cool to hear about the training weekend...amen. I'm so glad that you're feeling pumped about the summer Jules. :) love to you...