Thursday, March 15, 2007

This is a comment posted on Briggins' blog in response to this picture which we both posted the other day:

"It is neat where you end up when you should be working and not surfing the web....

If I may add my two cents worth to your post, Julia:

Jonathan Briggins, as a camper at Malagash in July 1997, wet the bed twice in one night; (btw, being the nice counselor that I was, the second time he soaked my sleeping bag because I gave it to him after the first accident).

Therefore, a picture of Curly Briggins having a hard time "holding it in" is not too difficult to imagine.

Matt Walsh"
The most funny part of that whole comment is that Briggs, Deborah and I were all talking about the picture today at school and Briggs told that EXACT story!! (just he says that he just peed his bed once and his cousin did it the second time). Either way. It's really funny that the same Briggins-peeing-the-bed story would be told in the same day after 10 years.

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