Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Happy Feet

MMMMM, what is better than a warm, almost spring day? Not a whole lot. I was able to pull out the roxys (which weren't really put away for long at all this winter) and play outside yesterday.

Emily, Briggins and I found our hiding box of chalk and went to work decorating the road. It was so sweet being able to be outside and not freeze to death!

Our creative sides came out strong, and Briggs and I made a series of mini pictures to create one big story... Here is one of a brave heroine chopping an evil villian in half.

Look at her!! He has no chance of ever commiting a bad act again. Thankgoodness she was there to save the day, Right Briggs??!

I would have to say that my favorite part of the event was playing with the shadows.
I really wish that I had a video of us. I would probably pee myself laughing. We had a HUGE fight shadow style... so to anyone who didn't know what was happening, we would have looked like we were frantically and very passionatly punching and kicking the air... like mental cases... but in REALITY we were punching and kicking eachother in the shadow. So fun. Y'all should try it.

After the brawl we had a photo shoot:

And when dinner time finally came, I was wiped out as only fresh air can wipe a person out. It was good.
Oh. One more pic I have to put up:D.


Briggins said...

Have you ever had the feeling that the whole story is not being told? Have you ever been told that someone "made a series of mini pictures to create one big story", but you only got to see one part of the story?

Well to see the whole story, proceed to www.jbriggins.blogspot.com

You'll see the truth.

Anonymous said...

Hey Julia,

Looks like so much fun! I heard the birds singing this morning...spring is close! I can't wait until the warm weather stays.
ps: I never knew you had such a violent side to you

Jenn said...

Haha, the picture of Briggins is hilarious, it's like a cross between, him having to go to the bathroom really bad and hearing a funny joke. It's kinda disturbing actually.