Saturday, March 17, 2007

I have a mullet

I hate haircuts.
ok. that is not entirely true, I love the fresh tidiness of a new hair cut, but other than that, I am not a fan.

I went yesterday to get my hair chopped off, and now I have a mullet. I asked the girl to take off a couple inches from the bottom and just a TINY bit off my layers to clean them up. Instead she took MORE off the top layers than the bottom.

My mom says I have a problem because I've probably cried after 5 out of the last 10 cuts and been annoyed at the girls for 4 more of those 10. I dont have a problem, I just like haircuts (which cost ALOT to begin with) to look reasonable when they're done.

Give me a week and it'll have grown a wee bit and sorted its new mulletness out to become less mullet-like and I'll be fine with it. I will stop complaining outloud tomorrow after my shower and this will be my last complaint via computer. This is my little vent.
Now. I'm done.


katie said...

oh, please, oh please, post a picture of it! I wanna see it before it goes all normal and un-hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Hey Julia,

Mullets can be cool :o) I'm pretty sure it doesn't look bad at all. I agree with need to post a picture. Maybe of you sitting in your dad's truck would be fitting!
Thank goodnes hair grows quickly.
See you tomorrow,

katie said...

Aww, that's no fun. I would also like to point out that I did not get to see it at church (I skipped). I suppose I'll just have to wait until C&C. Siiiigh. Haha, however, apparently your haircut is already famous.
You know what you should do? Just shave it all off except for a bit in the middle! Yay, mohawks!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jules,

For the record, I do not think your new hair cut looks like a mullet. I quite like your hair style. :)
PS: cool blog!

Jenn said...

Hey Jules, i waiting for you to post a picture... where is it?

102 Days until CAMP!

julia said...

ok folks... haha thanks for all the comments re: mullet.
I dont really have a mullet, but the girl did a pretty bad job on it.
Unfortunatly for you all, and fortunatly for me, there will no be picture up.:)
ok. take care:D