Thursday, March 22, 2007

Retraction of Statement:

hey dudes... I dont actually have a mullet, but you can ask Briggs and/or Emily and they will (being the honest people that I love) tell you that she actually did a bad job.
It's just got bad layers that are super short on the back.
Ok. Thats all.
There will be no pictures posted either... sorry Kt.


katie said...

I suppose I'll have to resign myself. I didn't get to see it at C&C though! By the way, I love how you have 2 blog entries dedicated to this haircut.

Briggins said...

Yes the hair dresser did a bad job. But don't forget: Its the clothes that make a woman, not the hair.

julia said...

ahhh Kt: what can I say, I love my hair (not the cut). actually it kinda is dumb that there are 2, but whatever.

Briggs: thats good because I'm wearing an awesome jean skirt right now and am highly comfy. I guess I'm still da bomb despite the hair.
KIDDING oh man am I kidding about the 'da bomb' part.