Friday, March 23, 2007

This one's for you, Taryn!

Taryn tagged me at the end of her blog so now I'm carrying on the tradition:

here are 5 things that I know, and that you are all finding out (about me) :)

1. I LOVE summer time... reef sandals, hot sunshine, warm nights with starry skies, swimming in the dark

2. I'm a little bit awkward sometimes... especially if I've just met you, or am nervous that I'm going to say something really dumb that will scare you away completely.
3. I really like to eat- my favorite fruits are watermelon and strawberries(with Nutella especially) and i love fudge-sicles.
4. I'm horrible at math
5. I am terrified of dating... not opposed to it mind you, just scared of it.

Here are the peeps that I'm tagging:
Kt, Briggs, Christiane, Tim Fifield(yessss I know you check this regularly, haha)


Briggins said...

I like #4. Math is pure evil.

Tim said...

sigh...crap...this is like the 3rd time I've been I have to think of some more stuff....

Taryn said...

yeah...I am in someone elses blog...thanks was good seeing you at J2N but we need to hang out more...what are you doing during the day this week...working around classes...get coffee or lunch...