Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Peggys Cove trip, Feb. edition.

Co-piloting for: Keltie Davidson



So today after laying around and chatting it up with jeff for a while, Keltie and I headed out to PEGGYS COVE.

It was sweet to be able to hang out with her out there because, really, she is the founder of the monthly trip out to the place of the green-lighted lighthouse... and because she's been away for the past 4 months.

As you may have guessed, we had a wee bit of car trouble... but only because Kelt was trying to be a good car borrower and put regular gas into a diesel. THANKFULLY the trouble didn't hit us until after we'd already trekked all the way out and most of the way back.
Our CAA guy was really nice and only laughed at us a little bit.

Peggys Cove is nice. You've all read my raving about it before so really in my quickest version I will say: Peggy's cove is beautiful in every season... and ice just made it look different today. it was nice.
Kelt was pumped to be back again, especially that now there was actually snow!! Last year we went out and had to search HIGH and low to find snow. This year it was alllll over the place. Neither of us had the brains to wear reasonable shoes... both wearing clogs/crocs so it was a wee bit slippy, but other than that it was great.

Kelt even got creative and made a snow angel.

I love the point in a friendship when you're able to sit and just be. We did have some sweet conversation, but too we just stared out the windows at the snowy, stunted trees that flew past as we drove. I love that. I dont mind the silence. Sometimes it's awesome just to not talk and to just hang out.

I guess pretty much I'm just trying to say: Keltie, I like not talking to you.:)
Also.... pretty much if your bum is warm, all the rest of you is happy..... thank goodness for seat warmers.

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Keltie said...

That was a pretty sweet day wasn't it! And I can gladly say that the McNabs car is back on the roads driving nicely!
PS I like not talking to you too!