Wednesday, February 21, 2007


blahhhh. Have you ever felt yucky, but as much as you try to, it is impossible to have a fever??? I have. and it never works. I haven't had a fever in probably 5 years. I wannnntttt oneeeee just so that I can have an excuse as to why I feel like I do.
Now, as you may have guessed: I feel not healthy. I dont usually get sick.Just once ina while, and I actually have been realllllly good today about not complaining. This is my little let out because all y'all can't actually HEAR me whining.
Debbie Frizzell has titled me "sickie". ... as in "why dont you make some echinacia tea for Sickie over there" or "Sickie, you really dont sound so good". haha. Thanks Deb (I like that woman).
Thankfully I dont have to work again until sat. so I will be able to sleep in a wee bit later than 5.45am.
Thats what I had to do today... but ya know???! It wasn't really so bad once I got going. The killer is just when you hear that alarm BEEPBEEPBEEPING at you and you see "5.46" glaring red at you across the room. While I was riding the bus I realized that I haven't been on a bus that early in the morning (it was still really dark out -6.30am now) since Ecuador, and I really missed that place and the people. It was a good feeling though, as random as it was.

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