Friday, February 23, 2007

A Happy Heart ** please note, this was written in january, but not posted until now because I forgot about it.:S:D

What a good couple of days I've had.
Yesterday, after a whole day of doing nothing(aside from a little studying), I went to dinner at Inn on the Lake with the girls. It was a night of lots of laughter, yummy food and good friends. (Plus we got to get a bit dressed up, which is really fun every now and then). After dinner, we all went back to Chelsea's boat house(which is awesome, by the way) and layed around and looked at pics for a few hours.

I am thankful for visitations. not ones at old folks homes, or hospitals or prisons, but just plain old ones... with friends. All jesusmas* break I was so content, and I didn't really think about why until today when I felt the same contentment. I was laying on the floor in the Foxes (Fox's?) living room talking to Chris, Luke, Pappy, Don and Ron, and I realized that I love people. I love being around them, talking to them, and laughing with(and the odd time at) them.
It's funny that these thoughts came upon me today because just last night I was wondering with some other girls, if I could ever be a hermit.
The answer is a resounding NO (at least for now). I just am a social butterfly.

note to Keltie... I think i'm going to take up your tradition of a monthly trip to peggy's cove, infact maybe even make it 2 trips a month, if I can. I am loving it more and more.... I cant' wait to go back, and I was there like a week and a bit ago.

*created by jeff

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