Monday, February 19, 2007

Hello spring break!
hello Julia
How are you doing so far?
gooddddd. what're your plans for the week?? Specifically tomorrow?
Hmm, well I am working a couple mornings, but tomorrow I gots nothin'. Why?? Do you have plans?
Actually, YES! I think I might go to Peggy's cove. Would like to join me, even though it's kinda snowy and quite cold?
Yea man!! I'd love to. It's about time I went out for my february trip anyway! Thanks for inviting me!!
Ok! Dont forget your WARM jacket, mitts, scarf, socks and shoes!! Remember last time with Christiane you froze your fingers off!
Ok thanks SB. I can't wait for our mini-roadtrip.


Jenn said...

BOO.. i want to go to Peggy's cove :(

Tim said...

Is spring break male?

julia said...

i would say that this one is, because there are no flowers around... flowers are femaley.
Yes Tim, I guess I had a date with spring break today.

katie said...

That was awesome