Sunday, December 10, 2006

Mmmmm, what can be better than eating with your fingers, burning off your tongue 'cause the food's super spicy, yummy tea from foreign lands, and fabulous company?? NOTHING.

These actually aren't the things that we ate, but they're similar. The injara bread(farther right) is awesome. It's the strangest texture. kinda feels like a tensor bandage, says Christiane, and it's flavourless, but really cool. One would use it to pick up the other stuff from the plate.

The last time I had Ethiopian food was in Edtown, and I've been wanting to try the resturant here in Hali since then!! It was good.

p.s. bwiggins and i have been wite-ing wifout 'ahws' (r's) fowah the past twenty minutes. it's hawaweeious


Christiane said...

mmmmm...the best food in the world :D We need to go out for Ethiopian when I'm home...we'll bring lots of people!

katie said...

Injera!?!?!? thank you!!!! I love you! I always spelt it enjira(blasted spanish accent). And then here it is in you blog! My cousin's mom, Tebee, who's from Eritrea used to make it every now and then when we'd visit Canada and I love it!!! Are you saying there are actually places you can go to get it? rock on!!! what's the place called?

Anonymous said...

Uhhhhh comer con los dedos, eso nsuena bien, y esa comida luce estupenda.

katie said...

"Ethiopian restaurant" sheer genius. that would be cool