Friday, December 08, 2006

here comes santa claus....

The christmas season is here!
This week included: our first snow fall(which is now gone on account of rain and 8ºc yesterday)
first time christmas shopping this year,
a couple exams, and sleeping in.
I'm DONE exams. no more thinking for a whole month. what a great feeling. I love being mindless.

Because it is now pretty much christmas time and I am getting into the christmassy mood, I was on google

searching out pictures of Santa Claus here are a few that I found....

The first one is funny, I like the reindeer, but the other two, they're HORRIBLE. If those were the first images that I saw of the fat guy, I for SURE would be terrified of him for the rest of my life. evil grins, black eyes, what is this guy up to??

On another completely different note, WELCOME HOME SHEIL!! Everyone's starting to drift back to our fickle weathered province. It's fantabulous

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

THATS NOT THE SANTA THAT COMES DOWN MY CHIMNEY!!!!!!!! Santa doesn't do those type of dwugs!And he certainly doesn't do prank calls!!! You are scarring me!