Sunday, September 24, 2006

synical quote of the week.

It is said that time heals all wounds.
I do not agree.
The mind,
protecting its sanity,
creates scar tissue,
the pain lessens.
But is always there.

Normally I am really not this way, but it's just what I'm feeling. It all stays buried in there, and it's SO hard to get out. And then you think that it's gone, but it's not. And then it comes back to the surface. it's like a whale. seems like it's gone for ever, but the whale always has to breath again.. I wish they (or it)'d just grow gills and stay down there.
Thank GOODNESS for sweet people to talk to.


Lavee said...

Hey Julia,

Thanx for the comment u left on my blog! Didja know, ur the first person to ever comment on my blog? I've kinda kept it myself and not let too many people know it exists bcos I was afraid it wasn't kool enuf! Thanx so much for ur encouragement!
About ur blog...I totally agree...Time can heal nothing...only God can..whatever ur hurt, ur pain, don't suppress it, give it all to God and He'll take it from there.
Very honest and down-to-earth writing by the way! All the best, do keep visiting my page and God bless!

Luv as always,
Hannah Lauvanya

Janna said...

hey babes.
I'm going to quote you in the future...let it be known. :) "I wish it'd just grow gills and stay down there!" We've actually been doing quite a bit of talking around here about forgiveness and past wounds etc. (There always seems to be a constant stream of crisis and conflict). And I think you are right. It's not time that heals wounds.
love you

jes said...

my dear love,
i wish that you and i were different, and that i was the only one who sometimes feels like a horrible mess, who hates the world, and at times, everyone in it... my point is, that your not alone! and i love you so much, and i hope you know that im always up for a chat and feel-better strawberries and chocolate(my treat next time) btw, i totally agree with your whale analogy.

- jess