Friday, September 29, 2006

Prince Edward Island

What do you get when you cross fantastically red mud, sea-air, sweet friends, tents, bridges and lighthouses over-looking the ocean?
You got it! The beautiful island of Prince Edward.

After a long (though fun) two months in the land locked city of Edmonton, I finally got home JUST in time to hop intothe van with my family and head over for two weeks of vacation on the Island.

I would have to say that PEI is one of my favorite places in the world. It's so good to just hang out on the beach for hours, laying in the sun and having that fresh-air-tired feeling.

One day when we were all beached out we went and found the Docksteader boys that were camping not far from us. I love vacation, but sometimes after almost a week in a van/ campsite, one can get tired of just the same 5 people and a dog. It was so good to hang out with them.

During out hang out sess. we were hopping around on some rocks and found these SICK jiggly things. Actually, they were cool because they were all stuck to rocks and when you touched them they shriveled up. Luke dared me to eat one, and on account of I didn't want to be a chicken, I TOTALLY was goign to do it, but then I cut it with my nails and got entirely sicked out.
If anyone knows what these things are put it in the comments! I'm curious!

While we were on the island it happened that my birthday happened! It was so fun. I woke up to a delicious crepe breaky, and then we headed into Cornwall to go to church with Docksteader family. It just so happens that Daniel Dock. has the same birthday as I do (same year and everything:D), so we went home for a yummmmmyy homemade birthday meal. It was so good to just hang out and eat really good food.

Something that I learned while I was in PEI is that bridge jumping is a HIGHLY popular thing. After lunch we (being the kids of the families) went to a couple of bridges and jumped off. It cool. I wish that we had more jumpables here. Anyway. One of the bridges was SO high. I was NOT planning on jumping, but then again, I didn't want to be a chicken, so I did it- shrieking the whole like 50ft. to the water. It was scary, but I'm really glad that I did it. :D

Now, I love camping, don't get me wrong, but I can only take about 5 days in a row without being a little less friendly than I usually am. After jumping, we crashed at the Docksteaders' before heading off for another week in a tent/trailer.

Here is Alli looking perky from the tent that we shared. This is what 2 weeks on hard ground does to your face.

It was cool on the island this year because we got to spend a whole lot of time with other people. Usually we have a whole lot of "family time", but this year we got to hang out with other people too, including Keltie, the Briggins family, and others.

On our last weekend we met up with the Foxes, Jodi and Charl, the Ellises (?), and the Docks., and went camping together! itw as really fun to be able to just hang out, go to the beach, have campfires, eat together and get to know some people better.

We spent a whole lot of time hanging out at Basin head, jumping off the bridge there even thought it was FREEZING. Emily was the lucky one of the bunch of us, she had Uncle Don to warm her up:D.

L-R. Daniel, Alli, Nath, Luke, Me, Em. -->


Christiane said...

awe...Uncle Don is a great warmer-upper :) I'm glad Em got one of his many bear'd better cherish those lady ;) Good update Jules! I love that you have pictures of my cousins on your blog...Family!!! we went bridge jumping with them once...I must say I'm not the adventurous type...but I sure do like watching other people do fun and exciting things :)

Briggins said...

What the heck is that picture of that looks like maggots crawling out of a compost bin, that looks sick!

Jenn said...

Funny thing is, Julia said she was about to eat it! Jules you were about to eat maggots?? All i can think about is the gross ones in the camp's compost bins. Disgusting!

julia said...

ok guys, it's not maggots... it's some sea thing. It was for money!

Briggins said...

Compost bin at camp = tres disguisting. And then when the maggots turned to flies it was even scarier. Camp has started to make me afraid of things with wings.