Tuesday, September 12, 2006

dusty feet and guys in a boat

I'm reading through the New Testament with a sweet friend of mine, and today as I was reading it reminded me of a video that I watched a while ago. It's called "Dust", by Rob Bell. It's one in the Nooma Series.
I was reading about how after Jesus was baptized, he was walking by the Sea of Galilee and saw two different sets of fishermen out in their boats. When he saw them, and called them to take up their nets and follow him, they did! All of them didn't question at all, but instead decided to leave their fishing and devote themselves to following the Lord. It was encouraging.

Now, 'Dust' wasn't mentioned for no reason at all... here's how it fits in. In the video Rob is talking about how the life of a Rabboni works. From being a little child in school and being taught, all the way up to how the best students become the Rabbonis that do the teaching years later. In order for those little boys to become the teacher, they go through years of schooling and of following so closely behind their Rabbonis that they'd be covered by the dust that came up off their feet, for years, leaving behind the lives that they had been living.
The men that left their boats to follow Jesus had already had their shot at school, and being great teachers, but instead they'd, for one reason or another, become fishermen. Yet Jesus chose them from all of the ones that he could have chosen,he didn't care that they weren't the ones that were respected by the communities, and they weren't the ones that were really educated. They were SO obedient. I hope that in my life, when Jesus calls me to do something, that I'll be as obedient as those four guys. That I'll be willing to devote myself to learning what I can, and to leave whatever's necessary behind to follow Him.

I know that that was a bad little peek at what actually goes on in a Nooma video, so check 'em out at... www.nooma.com. They're excellent and Rob Bell is a really talented speaker.

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Christiane said...

I love that video...It was the theme of our Navs year last year..."May you be covered in the Dust of your Rabbi Julia" :) This is my prayer for you too...I love you. Follow closely.