Monday, September 04, 2006

...Alberta Bound...

When I was a little girl, my mom told me that as you get older, time goes faster. Of course I didn't believe her. Now a good 12 years later, I am in full agreeance with her.
I can't BELIEVE that this summer is over already. It was an awesome one, filled with new stuff so it was so good, but wayy too short. Can they ever really be long enough?

I started of the in June with my prom and graduation. It was really fun to get all dressed up with the gals and have the chance to hang out with everyone from the 3 years there, all at once. Highschool was fun, but I'm really thankful that..... I'm DONE! Praise the LORD. I am happy to be moving on to a new phase of life. Right after grad I flew out to Edmonton with Christiane to work and live there for the rest of the summer.

My first night in Edmonton was Canada day, so after meeting some friends of Chris', we all went to watch the fireworks that go off over the Saskatchawen River. They were really good (MUCH better than any I've ever seen in Halifax), and Chris took a tonne of pics with her camera- she was trying out all the different settings,
including the 'firework' one.
During my first week or two in Ed., I think that I walked half way across Canada. Some days I'd come home and the bottoms of my feet would be sooo dirty from walking all day. It's so flat there that I didn't really mind walking everywhere(unlike the fine city that I'm living in here.)

One of the great things about being in Ed. was getting to know my SUPER CUTE cousins. I had only met Jane (5) once before when she was 1, and it was my first time meeting Kate (almost 2). The first day that I saw them, Jane and I got along really well, but for the first 3 hours, Kate cried everytime that I looked at her. BUT DO NOT FRET!! I gave her a gift and she liked me finally.

One night when Christiane and I were babysitting for both the girls, Chris was helping Jane get dressed for bed and she asked "Jane, do you wear underwear to bed?" and Jane promptly answered, "No, I go commando". It was sooo funny to hear that come from her little mouth. She also says "shucks"... it's the cutest thing you'll ever hear.

For the summer I was working in a cool smoothie shop called Booster Juice. I really like the people that I was working with (except for the boss, but thats a whole other story), and I LOVED the customers. There was one woman that I liked a whole lot. She's from China and is doing her PhD in Economics. She's smart. We had some cool conversations and I was sad to have to say goodbye to her.
Though sometimes I wished that I had a different job, it wasn't actually bad at all...Really, who can complain about making yummy smoothies all day. Not I. My favorite smoothie was the Orangesicle. It's delish. If you're ever in a Booster Juice, I would suggest it highly.

When I wasn't working, Chris and I were usually out finding something yummy to eat. We went to Taste of Edmonton with Paul Tan and Amy. That was my first experiance of awesome food. It's cool cause you buy tickets and then get to go and trade tickets for different kinds of food that is made at different resturants around the city.
Another day we went to the Heritage Festival and did basically the same thing, except we were trying food from around the world. I think between the two of us, we tried food from probably 11 or 12 countries.:D

The summer was filled up with great memories, lessons learned the hard way, and halarious adventures....

here Chris and I learned that when you
put large amounts of choke cherries
into your mouth, it completely dries it
up, preventing your mouth from being
able to close. We also learned that this
leads to excessive and uncontrolable
(this could be an example of "learned
the hard way".)

There were lots more, wayyyy too many to type. It was a good summer.

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