Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Prom 2006

This year, as previously mentioned, I FINALLY graduated!!Here are some pics.

<--- This is Tom and me. Tom likes to make me cry, but Istill love him:D. This year was the first year in 5 years that I didn't start school with him. It is wierd!

Me, GWatts, Steph and Trina.

Dad, me, Mom.

Prom was really fun, until my date and I got food poisoning from the rubber cilantro flavored chicken. He ended up going home, so I just hung out with the gals for the rest of the night.

I actually went to 2 proms this year:D:D. mine and Briggins'. I would actually have to say his was more fun than mine because all of us Gracers (Beth, Lo, Briggs, Burtie and I) got to spend our last night of highschool together! (and it wasn't an allnighter that you were forced to stay at).

By the end of the photo part of the afternoon, Briggs and I had had just about enough of the pictures. Can you tell?


Jenn said...

Jules i love your prom pictures and your dress!You are so BEAUTIFUL! You and Briggs are so cute together! That must have been so much fun! I heard about the accident with the bird and yeah.. i laughed. But i'll have to tell you about my bad prom story too! I miss you tons and i hope to see you soon! I love you!

julia said...

we're not cute together. couples are cute together, on the record, we're really not. we're just buddies. plus also in the picture that I see right now, I'm really not beautiful:) haha.