Friday, September 22, 2006

baby beans

Christiane says:
.julia. says:
Christiane says:

Yes guys, our plant is having a BABY. Just the other day Chris was telling me that our bean plant was flowering. Now it's having a bean! When I was in Ed. Alli felt bad for me cause I had no friends, so she sent me a seven little beans soaked and put in paper towel in a bag, and when I got it, THEY WERE GROWING!! Who knew that beans grow so fast!!?? Not me. Since they grew so fast, I couldn't bring them home because there was NO way that I was going to get them on the plane, so I left them stuck in dirt and a yogurt bucket, wrapped around two cheap chopsticks, at Chris's house. Now they're big. I never would have thought that the whole process would be so exciting. :D
Beans I would say, are much better than a bunny, wouldn't you say Chris??

I'll keep y'all posted on the little guys. Hopefully there'll be pics too before too long. hehe


Anonymous said...

HOy justo hoy estube revisando and vi que comentaste en mi blog.
So i am respondiendo:)
Como estas?

Christiane said... keep bloging things before I get to them!! And I have the pictures :P you crazy girl! Alright, I have some one more day off (nowthat I am back in Edmonton from Calgary) so I will try to blog some tomorrow! :) Love you!
---yes...beans are better than bunnies :)