Thursday, June 10, 2010

The People You'll Meet:

I went out for drinks with my friend Becca tonight and they were great. Check out the Gahan House if you're in Charlottetown. Its got cool decorating and a really neat atmosphere.

Heres a thing you may or may not know about me. I like meeting random people. You can learn incredible things, be it about a person's life, or just about life in general, in a really short time span when fall into a conversation with a complete stranger.
I love meeting a child from the other side of the planet that comes into the shop while I'm working, or the elderly gentleman who is at a fĂștbol game cheering for his grandson or the guy that we met tonight. He's a travel writer- he's done stuff for OLN, National Geographic and some other cool things. He's in town doing a promo video for PEI tourism. Check him out, his name is Robin Esrock. He has one of my dream jobs.

and then we get the bill and 2 great things happened:

1. the drinks were cheaper than I had anticipated. (ALWAYS a good surprise)

2. a minute later the waiter came back over and took them away from us and gave them to the table of old, deep south, American men behind us, who then paid for them! (always a GREAT surprise!)

thank goodness for work in the morning for an excuse as to why I couldn't continue on their pub crawl with them. :)

**I also ran into a person that I know while I was out! That happens very rarely when you are living in a place not your native land.

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lattégirl said...

You visited my blog and left your link, so here I am. But I see you haven't written anything since June 2010! I don't blog very often anymore, either... not like I used to. Still, it's a nice outlet once in awhile. Cheers :)