Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Epic blogging fail. I know.
I could tell you that since exams finished I've been over the top busy.... but we all know that would be a lie. Not a complete one, but close enough. I've just not really had anything that I wanted to post to the world on the internet. So I kept my fingers out of the blogging world.

As soon as I could after exams(all of which I did pass with good marks, thankfully) finished I headed home to Hali to see my fam- Mom and Dad were living it up in Mexico, so the 4 of us had lots of time together to get into whatever trouble we could come up with...
Some of the events included:
- alli nearly lighting our neighbor on fire while he was trying to fix our bbq for us.
- nathan walking around with his bare bottom hanging out of his shorts half of the time
- alli and i buzzing nath's hair while emily looked on, laughing as he angrily sat through it
- and finally, we made a trip to my favorite location in NS and so here are some pics!
Alli, Emily, Nathan

One night we were all sitting at supper and Nath was telling me a story about something, and I looked at him and it was so strange. It was the Nathan voice that I have become used to, but it wasn't the Nathan face that I knew. It was a grown up face instead of the little boy that he still is in my head (or that he's supposed to be, according to my head). He was slightly offended when I asked him to stop talking for a minute so that I could wrap my mind around it.

we were peeking in the pond to find the little peeper frogs that were yelling at us. (Em and Nate)
I think that I could go to Peggy's Cove every evening and never become bored of or used to the beauty that makes me stop every time I look at it. Pictures just dont do it justice (although I do LOVE this one!). Peggys Cove, NS.

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latt├ęgirl said...

These photos are beautiful!

I want to go to Peggy's Cove some day. I live in Quebec, so it's not impossible!