Thursday, April 23, 2009

roller coaster

I just have to share this little happening that occured yesterday/today:

So. I was talking to my amigo Daniel. From Ecuador, of course, hence the "amigo" part.
Good conversation. Its been a while since we talked so it was really nice to have the chance to catch up a bit.
Through out the conversation there were a couple things that he said that hinted sort of, though it could depend on interpretation, that maybe he was in Canada. and then he asked me what I was doing tomorrow (today). when I said "nothing" he said "want to hang out?"

NOW. a little history. a couple years ago he was trying to come up to Canada for a visit in the summer. But the Canadian government rejected his visa application. That is a whole other can of worms that we wont get into.
So I know that the chance of his being in Canada is actually basically none, but one can hope.

So OF COURSE I immediately get so excited. inside. and then almost as quickly I think "this has to be a lie, I mean, how could this possibly happen seeing as how he's teaching in the school, trying to get registered to go to University, last time he tried to come they shot him down, Jannas not here and theres no WAY that she would miss out on seeing Daniel in Canada...".
There were so many reasons as to why it could not be true... but at the same time there were a few things that were saying "it could be the truth. And then my internet cut out.
So eventually I got back and asked him if he was kidding or not, and he joked around a little more and then said that yes, indeed he was kidding.
So then I had to sleep and he had to go. so the end of part 1.

THEN I go to get into bed and see that on my phone there is an email in my inbox.
and the email said "I'm in Canada. find me". and then I think WHAT IS GOING ON HERE. so I had another mini freak-out because still deep down I'm hoping SO much that he's not kidding and will show up at my house.

Then today I was on the computer and saw him online AGAIN. And so we started a conversation on skype. with video. and of course his background was his house in block 10. Guayaquil, Ecuador.

I knowww it was a long shot. but I would have been so incredibly happy to have him here.
It made me realize how much I miss face to face conversations and just being with people who I love who are so far away. And how much I want them to know my world here. But at the same time I found my self wondering if someone from Ecuador were to come here, what would they think of my home? My family? My city? The other half of my life?

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Anonymous said...

Well, I think you should come to Beth house right now and see if I am kidding or not, you would be surpriced.

But anyway it post was really funny. Even though you did not believed me.