Sunday, April 19, 2009

Freedom in their dance

do you know that there are approximately 15 million children orphaned worldwide due to AIDS?

Watoto is an organization that provides care and sponsorship for kids that have lost either one or both parents to AIDS in Uganda. They put the children in a home with a "mother" and a few other boys and girls in a village so that they have education, health care, a good home, and all that goes along with those things.
On Wednesday evening there was a concert put on at Grace by the Watoto childrens choir and I am SO glad to have gone!

I mean, who would be unhappy seeing a whole bunch of the cutest kids on the PLANET dancing and singing their hearts out.
A couple kids told a bit about their lives- there was one boy- 9 years old- and he was abandoned when he was 5 at the side of the road. But as he sang and danced with his little arms and legs swinging and clapping and stomping he looked so free! and filled with joy.

It would be incredible if the Church of North America worshipped Jesus as freely as those kids were doing it the other night!

*all photos taken by Matt McMullen

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