Monday, May 19, 2008

Parte 8: Florida Food Market

Janna has been telling me about this big market a few kms away from our houses... So finally a
couple of weekends ago I decided to get up early enough to walk to the market with her.

There are a few stands outside of the really big section that have clothes and encebollados (fish soups) or juices or little snacks, and then inside it is full up with stands selling anything from fresh vegetables(of which there are about 20 stands all selling pretty much the exact same thing- I havent quite figured out how they make enough money to keep going) to fresh fish to disgusto meats (pork, chicken, beef, etc.). Things such as eggs and cheeses and sausages, dried goods, and other general items can be found there too.
The venders are really creative in displaying their produce, and I think that Heather, Janna, Myra (Janna's friend) and I all had a good time milling about, picking out things that we wanted or needed for our kitchens for the next week or so. Myra actually goes every other week and picks out vegetables, cheese, and eggs for the next 2 weeks.

By the end of the adventure we'd chosen enough stuff that we decided to take a camionetta(the back of a pick-up truck- the best way to travel) home instead of walking back or taking the bus.


Jenn said...

Nice update jule, can't wait to have you "home" i can't believe it's so soon, and you must be feeling the same way. I miss you.

Elaine said...

Your pictures are great! The market looks like a wonderful place to explore....even the meat stalls.
Not long til you come home now.I can't wait to hug you in person!
I love you!

heather said...

hey nice market pictures - some of them even look kind of familiar.....!!