Wednesday, May 14, 2008

parte 7: Girls just wanna have fun

One thing that is really different about life here is that the girls seems to have lots of responsibilities and things to do, while the guys dont.. so that means that its hard to really spend a lot of time with my amigAs, while there are always plenty of amigOs around. Sometimes I am in need of an girl fix in a big way.
One night last week I got JUST THAT! I had my first phone conversation in spanish :), which resulted in my going out with the girls for the evening.
It was really fun. We went to the mall because Maji was working (she works at a really great little crepe booth- Curry chicken and cheese is my favorite from there) and we wanted to visit her. It was really fun.. We voted no to a movie and yes to dinner. I really didnt care AT ALL what we ate, I am not picky, so the girls chose Pizza Hut. After they'd decided and ordered, Lili said "Girls, this for Julia is like if we went to Canada and they decided to give us rice to eat". They eat a lot of rice here. It made me smile... and then I reassured them that I like pizza and that no, I dont eat it as much as they eat rice here.
It turned out to be REALLY fun, and we laughed a lot. made a trip to the grocery store, pestered the security guard to take pictures for us, pestered him again after I got the batteries working in my camera, and generally had a super evening together. I think the plan is to go out together one more time before I leave.
Which is soon.

L-R: Johanna, Maji, Liliana, Carolina, Diana, Me (looking slightly crazed)


Elaine said...

I'm glad that you had so much fun being out with the girls!!! You look great...even with the slightly -crazed expression.
Take advantage of your time there and enjoy all your experiences!
I love you and look forward to giving you a hug!

Briggins said...

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Jenn said...

Hey, i just wanted to say i love the pictures, and that i tell you everything through different means already so i don't have much to say here. I miss you and I'm so excited for when you come home!