Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Report on the Cupcakes!!

Remember how last week I said post about those cupcakes I was going to try making?? Well here it is!!
They turned out superbly, along with a little help from Christopher and the company of Emily and Briggins!

A little Zoolander chic for you

It was a really fun afternoon!


the plethoras said...

We are glad to know that all went well. They look tasty. Maybe we won't come for you if you throw cup cakes at us.

Tim said...

Those look incredible!

Tom & Leah said...

Ok I said this on your facebook, but I MEAN IT! Send those puppies my way would you???? I need to keep my calorie intake up (for Josie's sake, you know???!!). ha ha ha...they do look so yummy.

Tell Emily she looks AWESOME!!!