Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Care for a cup o' tea?

Once upon a time there was a family of four children- 3 girls and a boy.

They came from a pretty close family, and had a lot of fun together, playing games such as dutch blitz and trivial pursuit (but only with questions, no board).

One day something happened that made the oldest girl realize that no longer was she a little girl, but instead was almost all growed up, as were the others in the family. That something was when her little sister decided to go on an adventure across the universe to the land of the Beatles, the Queen, and bangers and mash, also known as England.

The night that she left to go on her new adventure, everyone was very sad that she was leaving, but also really excited for her to try something new. The whole family and a couple of her friends waved goodbye to her as she walked through customs without looking back.

All the sisters and brother that were left behind missed her a lot and couldnt wait to hear from her, but rumor had it that British Telecom was being a nuisance, and there was no internet for the time being. They all hoped that it would be fixed soon!

** moral of the story is: the oldest sister (julia aka me) has too much time on her hands and also that she really misses her younger sister (the traveling one, aka alli) even tho she's only been gone for just about 12 hours.

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Tom & Leah said...

So what have you learned from this aside from that you have too much time on your hands? :)

Are you going to Ecuador for only the 2 weeks?