Sunday, November 04, 2007


Sooo, I just had my first official Ecuador team meeting.
I am SO SO excited. I was sitting in the meeting and I couldn't help but smile the whole time.
I'm excited to be there, and to be a part of camp again, and to see my friends that I haven't seen in over 2 years.

I also think that it's safe to say that Jer is highly pumped too, since when someone made reference to a moving sidewalk that they have in the NJ airport we both made this ridiculously pathetic sighing sound.

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Briggins said...

that pic is a fashion faux pas

julia said...

haha. oh. trust me. i know. and i notice every time that i look at it. infact i was seriously just thinking "man. I would never wear blue shoes. I would never wear salmony pants. and I look awful in that color tourquise.
but she has blonde hair (like me) and is obviously HIGHLY pumped (also like me).

Briggins said...

But you're not a cartoon!
And you don't have teeth that look like they are actually two large blocks of white ceramic.
And you don't have man hands.
And you don't have a tongue the size of a whale's and as red as mars!
And ......

....Briggs, chill, its just a cartoon.

Anonymous said...

good, i will see you soon.