Friday, November 09, 2007

road trip: parte uno: NB

Today my family and I left to do a zoom roadtrip to Ontario to visit my grandparents (whom we haven't seen in almost 2 years- it's a necessary trip).

We left Halifax with the plan to drive to atleast Edmunston, NB. tonight. All was going well. Alli, Nath, and I were all laughing hysterically at nothing and Emily was missing all the fun because she was sleeping.

Then we hit a little change in plans. Literally. except that it wasnt so little. It was actually a 6ft long piece of twisted metal that was about 5inches across and 1/2 an inch tall. It then proceeded to flatten both of the tires on the drivers side of the van and also (I'm sure, though I haven't seen or really actually heard yet) wreck the underside of van.

Now we're at my aunt's house in Fredricton (which is ok because it's nice to see her and her fam.), but we have to rent a van so ours can be fixed. sooo pray that we get the rest of the way safely!


Jenn said...

Jules that's horrible, i'll be thinking and praying for your fam.

p.s I heard someone the other day say fam. I was funny. I liked it.

Leah said...

Hey Jules.
It sounds like quite the adventure. I'm sure you will all make it safely the rest of the way.

Too bad it's a zoom trip, we would LOVE to see you guys!

Be safe and please keep us updated! :)

the plethoras said...

We hope you are safe.
Always fasten your seatbelt and yield to pedestrians.