Saturday, October 13, 2007

Yea Right.

Emily is watching A Walk To Remember.
I would just like to say that there is NO guy that would ever be anywhere close to as perfect as Landon is in that movie. It just is not possible.
Movies make people believe that people or things exist that, in reality, really never will solely because it's unrealistic.

p.s. who would ever actually get a star named after someone.


Anonymous said...

command> start comment
comment> i have not commented for a long time on this blog space.
command> end comment
**********program ended************

Jenn said...

Julia, you are great. Just thought you need to hear that. See you tomorrow like EVERYDAY.

Anonymous said...

i think someone wishes they had a landon of their own

julia said...

not even.
just i was quasi annoyed by the way movies make the impossible seem possible.

Tim said...

I haven't seen this movie but I'm sure someday you'll have a Landon of your own!

Briggins said...

So what happened in your exciting life this week?